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        Gome Sculpture Department held "Metal Casting Exhibition"

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        Gome Sculpture Department held "Metal Casting Exhibition"

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        On November 17th, the opening ceremony of the “2008 Metal Foundry Exhibition”, the material exhibition of the third studio of the Sculpture Department of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, was held at the Tianguang Hall, Building 6, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art. Mao Xuefei, Party Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, Vice President Liu Jian, Deputy Party Secretary Qian Xiaofang, Fu Suqin, and Director of the Sculpture Department Long Xiang, Deputy Director Zhang Keduan, and course instructors Tang Hansheng and Zhu Chen attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony consisted of Mr. Shan Zeng teacher presided over. Prof. Xu Jiang, who was in Beijing for a meeting, made a special call to congratulate the success of the exhibition.

        At the opening ceremony, Mao Xuefei pointed out that the teaching tradition of the Department of Sculpture has been very good and the cooperation between teachers and students is very harmonious. The exhibition is very meaningful and it is a direct presentation of the teaching results. The clever use of Tianguang Hall as a display space in the sculpture department and the continuous introduction of the students' exhibitions not only benefited the students of this major, but also played a role of reference and exchange for other professional students. The college should develop this form well in the future teaching.

        Prof. Tang Hansheng believed that the success of this teaching achievement exhibition was mainly due to the help and support of the teachers and leaders of the college and department to the teaching process. At the same time, the students were very enthusiastic in their studies, and it was late to work every day. A lot of investment. The teaching of this course also left a deep impression on him. He said that the subject matter of this course will change next year, mainly based on characters as objects of creation.

        In his speech, Vice President Liu Jian pointed out that the exhibition of this course is different. Prof. Tang attached great importance to guiding the students' description of nature. The curriculum was very scientific and rational. The selection of avid and lively subjects greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the students. This experience was precious. This also reflects the college’s humanistic care. Professor Tang's dedication to teaching has also infused many new lessons into curriculum teaching. Although the teaching process lasted only four weeks, the students' work was surprising. He emphasized that the Department of Sculpture has played an exemplary role in the experimental teaching of the college. In the end, he hoped that the experimental teaching in the sculpture department will continue to reach a new level.

        The teaching of materials in the third working room of the Sculpture Department is based on an in-depth understanding of the material and the resulting spiritual appeal. The Department of Sculpture invites Prof. Tang Hansheng, the sculpture studio of the Department of Architecture of Aachen University of Technology in Germany, to give a lecture on the positive and negative direct forming of cast copper parts. This time, the students are presenting the constructions, animals and reliefs created in this way. In the course of teaching, the students also personally went to the copper foundry to conduct actual operations and observe the casting process. The students expressed that they enjoyed this combination of teaching, thinking, and practice. They thought it was fun and enjoyable. The exhibition will continue until November 30.

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