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        Non-ferrous casting




        Kunshan Non-ferrous metals Casting Co., Ltd.

        Contacts:Mr. Wu





        Web sitewww.rscharitas.com

        Address:No.29, Mingzhu Road, Zhengyi, Kunshan, Jiangsu province

        Non-ferrous casting market needs to find new business opportunities

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        Non-ferrous casting market needs to find new business opportunities

        Release date:2016-01-15 00:00 Source:http://www.rscharitas.com Click:

        Affected by the financial crisis, China's export-oriented non-ferrous metal casting companies have undergone dramatic ups and downs. Recovery of the international market will take some time. China's non-ferrous metals foundry industry should make full use of this opportunity to adjust product mix and find new business opportunities in the nine major high-tech fields.

        By 2012, China's large-scale passenger aircraft assembly base, engine test base, and avionics research and development center will be completed. During this period, trial production and production of parts and components will be included in the agenda. Aluminum and magnesium alloy aircraft parts are subject to "safety casting" in order to meet their safety requirements. China's present aluminum and magnesium alloy foundry companies should actively reform the hardware, improve internal strength, and do a good job of management.

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