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        Non-ferrous casting

        Company Overview



        Kunshan Non-ferrous metals Casting Co., Ltd.

        Contacts:Mr. Wu





        Web sitewww.rscharitas.com

        Address:No.29, Mingzhu Road, Zhengyi, Kunshan, Jiangsu province


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        Kunshan non-ferrous metal casting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983. Uphold the concept of customer first, we focus on product quality improvement. technology continuous development and expansion. With More than 20 years casting experience in China, we have established a team with solid experience in  technical improvement and production management. 

        With teamwork, we constantly pursue new processes and new management systems. The products made by our factory have been upgraded from the former light industrial parts to the advanced industries (space, shipbuilding, metallurgy, ...) and exported to European and American countries. At the same time, the non-ferrous metal materials that our factory smelted not only meet the national standard, but also continuously overcome the requirements of different components from all over the world. At present, our factory has the comprehensive ability to produce about 10 tons of centrifugal castings. Annual output can reach 2,000 tons. In recent years, our factory has initially completed the setting of a finishing workshop to suit the market, and tried to provide a one-stop service from wood form to finished product.

        A company can occupy a place in a rapidly changing market and continue to develop. Rely on the philosophy of the business and a team with good teamwork and training. Our factory is willing to continue as always, and make its due contribution in the non-ferrous foundry industry.